TS 16v Head

The TS head is quite good.
It's a kind of mix of the Honda D16 and B16A heads: chamber like in D16 and ports like in B16A.
Unlike Honda heads the Alfa ones are not well finished.

Chambers, 82 mm bore, 47 degrees between valves, 26 deg intake, 21 deg exhaust

Comparison with the Honda D16 and B16A heads (picture from the ENDYN page)
On the ENDYN's D16 head all valves were unshrouded as valves are too close to the walls.


Seats, 3 angle 75/45/15

Intake ports

The pictures show how sharp is the short turn radius of the intake ports

The long section between the bowl and port entry is straight and of right diameter

Exhaust ports

Exhaust ports are excellent but the bowl area was smashed during the seat installation process

Note that there is a water passage inside the port divider
The divider is offset in the port, like on B16A heads.

Intake valves 33.5 mm x 7 with a waisted stem

Exhaust valves 28 mm x 7, not sodium filled

Intake runners

Intake runner output is excessively rounded, its section is bigger than the intake port size