MAF to throttle hoses

Originally the MAF is connected to the throttle with a plastic tube with a large side resonance cavity. This cavity is a noise attenuator.
The tube can be replaced with a 63mm PVC bathroom pipe. It fits perfectly the throttle side hose.
On the MAF side the pipe must be enlarged with a pipe female connector which increases its diameter up to about 70mm.
Note that this assembly is less noisy than the original pipe because PVC pipes are quite thick.

Camber bolt

The strut-to-hub bolt modified to make the camber adjustable (here by around 0.5 degree).

Glove compartment door

Top engine mount, using Powerflex PFR19-512

The PFR19-512 Rear Diff Mounting Bush of Ford Escort MK5,6 RS2000 4X4 1992-96 fits perfectly in place of both bushes.
Two PFR19-512 kits are necessary.
Powerflex must be mounted with the original axle and into the shell of the original bush.

Moving battery to the trunk

Originally the battery is placed very high, behind the right rear passenger's head.
To lower the center of gravity the battery can be moved to the trunk.
The red cable going from the battery +12v to the engine compartment is long enough. The extra length of the cable is under the front passenger feet, just open the plastic footstep under the passenger's door and pull the cable.
Removing the battery support will save 2kg and clean the place.

Reinforced parts