Maserati Bi-Turbo front brakes and hubs

CAUTION: Ghibli/Shamal/QP4 front arms are longer than those on biturbo. Which means if a Ghibli hub carrier is fitted with a biturbo arm the resulting camber is POSITIVE. Lowering the suspension does not compensate enough the camber.
The whole Ghibli arm assembly is required to have the right geometry.

Aftermarket 300mm Shamal discs are hard to find.
The only I found are Tarox Sport Japan front brake discs (1111SJ) at about 350 GBP

284mm (biturbo), 300mm (non-ABS Ghibli and Shamal) and 307mm (QP4) discs

biturbo/Shamal ATE and QP4 Brembo calipers

QP4 (and ABS Ghibli), biturbo and non-ABS Ghibli (with fitted QP4 hub) hub carriers

A biturbo caliper machined to fit the 430 15" rim with a 300mm disc