Air Flow Meter transfert function

The old Motronics use the flap Air Flow Meters. Strictly speaking they are Air Volume Meters, as temperature and altimetric (ambient pressure) corrections must be applied to the AFM signal to get the Air Mass Flow measure.
The AFM signal is non-linear, the sensor is very precise for small flow rates and it's less for high flows. As the ECU algorithm is based on the Load, which is (mass flow)/RPM. A special table is used to linearize the AFM output signal before division by RPM. This load is then multiplied by correction factors.
All Motronics use similar or identical translation tables.
ML3.1 contains this table in the 10E0-110F address range.

The afm_func.cxx file contains a simple C program which translates the map numbers into a sequence of 256 air flow 16bit values. The program contains tables from the ML4.1 Alfa Romeo box, the ML3.1 and from M2.1 964 Carrera box.
See here for the plot of the obtained function.
In Carrera32-1989.bin the code performing this translation is at the $038E address.